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Management Accountant

The closure of Dounreay will result in major social and economic challenges for the area. Managing this impact on the local area is therefore important to the site. By 2030 only a handful of jobs will remain on the site. A significant number of the current workforce will need alternative employment after Dounreay....

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Appointments to the Dounreay Board
04 November 2016

New beach vehicle features in latest issue of site newspaper
15 December 2014
The story of the new beach vehicle hunting out radioactive particles features in the Christmas issue of the site newspaper, Dounreay News.

Woodland walk dedicated to Dounreay apprentices
07 November 2014
Dounreay’s apprentices have once again returned to Dunnet Forest to offer the community woodland trust a helping hand.

Change of name for Dounreay Parent Body Organisation
25 October 2013
Dounreay’s parent body organisation – the consortium of international companies that owns and manages DSRL – is getting a new name.

Wick Harbour to benefit from NDA funding
04 July 2013
 Dounreay today welcomed the news that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) will provide substantial funding to help Wick Harbour attract new jobs to the area.

Dounreay wins international safety award
01 May 2013
Nuclear decommissioning company Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL) has won a prestigious international safety award with merit from one of the world’s leading health and safety organisations.

Mark Rouse takes over at Dounreay
02 April 2013
Mark Rouse is the new managing director of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.

Work starts on new lab to complete site clean-up
31 May 2012
Britain’s newest laboratory for the analysis of radioactive materials is under construction.

Clean-up set to resume offshore
01 May 2012
Work to clean up and close down the redundant nuclear site at Dounreay moves offshore again this month.

Babcock consortium acquires site licence company
01 April 2012
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd is under new ownership from today.

Award recognises high safety standards at Dounreay
28 March 2012
The British Safety Council has named Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd among its list of International Safety Awards for 2012.

Nuclear clean-up boost for Highland economy
25 October 2011
A new community body launched in the north Highlands signals another step towards the closure of the former nuclear research site at Dounreay.

Casualty star treads the boards for safety at Dounreay
29 October 2010
Casualty star Ronnie McCann is helping workers at Dounreay stay out of real-life accident and emergency units.

Dounreay clean-up moves offshore and up a gear
06 August 2010
Dounreay’s site closure programme is moving offshore and up a gear to recover more radioactive waste from the seabed.

Directors sought for 4m community fund
30 July 2010
Members of the public are being invited to serve as board members of a new community fund from Dounreay worth £4 million.

Bigger clean-up machine heads for Dounreay seabed
19 July 2010
The next phase of work to remove particles from the seabed at Dounreay will get underway later this month.

International safety award for Dounreay
25 June 2010
Dounreay’s continuing efforts to improve the safety of its workforce were recognised at a leading event attended by 900 guests from around the world.

Dounreay workers could dismantle ageing rigs
04 June 2010
The potential of tidal energy and the prospect of the world’s biggest underwater power station being built in the Pentland Firth has been in the headlines. But it’s not the only potential area of new employment for Dounreay workers that the site is supporting.

Dounreay recycles clean waste from nuclear clean-up
27 May 2010
 A site which once recycled spent nuclear fuel is now committed to recycling the clean waste produced by its decommissioning programme.

Dounreay clean up company scoops international safety award
04 May 2010
Nuclear decommissioning company Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL) has won a prestigious international safety award from one of the world’s leading health and safety organisations for the second year running.

Dounreay scientists help kids study solar system
20 April 2010
Dounreay’s STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) ambassadors have been getting involved in helping school children understand the wonders of our solar system.

Reactor teams reach 12 years accident-free
21 December 2009
As the hazardous decommissioning work rapidly progresses within its redundant nuclear reactors, maintaining a flawless safety record is an achievement the Dounreay fast reactor demolition squads can be proud of.

UK Minister sees first screening of new clean-up film
07 September 2009
UK Government Minister Lord Hunt today visited the site of Scotland’s most successful nuclear clean-up project and watched the first screening of a film about its clean-out and demolition.

PFR offices ready for demolition
02 April 2009
Erected at Dounreay in the early seventies to house the PFR installation and reactor commissioning teams, the cluster of ‘temporary’ office buildings, known as DN023, now sit empty ready for demolition. 

Caithness scoops national industry skills awards
13 March 2009
To view video footage of interviews with the winners of the awards click on the following link:

New Year Honour for DSRL chairman
05 January 2009
Stephen White, chairman of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd and director of business strategy with parent body UKAEA, has been named an OBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours.

Local firm awarded major contract
17 January 2008
Local engineering firm JGC Engineering & Technical Services Ltd has been awarded a major contract vital to the environment and decommissioning of the Dounreay site.

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