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91/16 Safety Case Writer

95/16 Radiometric Characterisation Principal Specialist
Position: Radiometric Characterisation Principal Specialist...

Careers at Dounreay
Dounreay is Europe's largest nuclear clean-up and demolition project. For fifty years it was the UK's centre of fast reactor research and development. Today we are taking it apart.  ...

Cyber Security Apprentice
Cyber Security Apprenticeship within the UK’s Critical Sectors...

Decommissioning Operator
Salary Range:  £19,299 to £26,789 per annum...

Decommissioning Projects

Design Engineer - Electrical
Salary Range: £34K to £46K pa (DOE)...

Discharge Database Co-ordinator
Salary: Up to £37K per annum (DoE)...

Dounreay Communities Fund
Are you a community organisation or charity that benefits people in Caithness and North Sutherland?  If so, you may be eligible for assistance from the Dounreay Communities Fund....

Dounreay Sponsorship Scheme
Dounreay is one of Europe's largest nuclear clean-up and demolition projects. For fifty years it was the UK's centre for fast reactor research and development. Now it is being taken apart. Dounreay is acknowledged as the European Reference Site for Decommissioning. The company is internationally recognised for its ground-breaking work at the site, which is considered to be one of the most challenging and complex nuclear clean-up projects in the world....

Dounreay Stakeholder Group
Dounreay Stakeholder Group is a forum for community leaders to scrutinise the site's performance, to engage with the industry and its regulators and reflect the views of the local population....

Draughtsperson, Design 102/16
 Position: Draughtsperson, Design (more than one post)...

Electrical Engineer
Position: Electrical Engineer...

Engineering Apprenticeship 2015
Starting Salary: £11,282 in Year 1 rising to £16,437 in Year 4...

Engineering Apprenticeships 2017
 (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & design)...

Engineering Sponsorship Programme
Location: Dounreay, Caithness ...

Environmental Specialist
Starting Salary: £34k to £58k per annum (DOE)...

Freedom of Information
DSRL welcomes interest in its work from members of the public....

Fuel Cycle Area
The Fuel Cycle Area (FCA) is a high security area within the licensed site....

Graduate Development Programme (Engineering, Science and Business)
Closing date for applications: 10 March 2017...

Graduate Development Programme 2016

Health Physicist/Senior Health Physicist
Starting Salary: £34K to 58K per annum (DoE)...

Independent Assessor
Salary: £34,057 to £58,555 per annum...

IT Manager
Salary Range: £57k to £70k per annum (DOE)...

Jobs and Spending
How many people are employed at Dounreay?...

NDA News
The latest news from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)....

Nuclear Material
Dounreay’s purpose was to research and develop more efficient ways to generate electricity from uranium and plutonium....

An important part of the work to close down Dounreay is to address the legacy of radioactive particles in the marine environment around the site. These are fragments of irradiated nuclear fuel discharged to sea as a result of historic practices in reprocessing....

Process and C&I Engineers
Salary: £34,057 to £58,555 pa, (DOE)...

Project Manager
Salary: £46k to £70k pa (DOE)...

Project Profiles
Fact sheets for Dounreay work and projects...

Radioactive Waste
What is radioactive waste?...

Dounreay Fast Reactor...

The nature of the materials and hazards at Dounreay mean that the security of the site is a vitally important part of the decommissioning process....

Security Manager Projects
 Salary Range: £34k to £58k per annum (DOE)...

Senior Environmental Advisor
Dounreay, Caithness...

Senior Health Physicist
Salary Range: £46K upwards (DoE)...

Shaft & Silo
The shaft and silo are historic higher activity waste stores that are no longer in use....

Site Closure
Our objective in decommissioning Dounreay is to close down the site and leave it in a safe condition for future generations....

The closure of Dounreay will result in major social and economic challenges for the area. Managing this impact on the local area is therefore important to the site. By 2030 only a handful of jobs will remain on the site. A significant number of the current workforce will need alternative employment after Dounreay....

DSRL operates under contract to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Cavendish Dounreay Partnership Ltd (CDP), a consortium of Cavendish Nuclear, CH2M and AECOM. It is funded by the NDA to deliver the Dounreay site closure programme. As such, the procurement strategy is influenced (amongst other things by CDP, the NDA, and the statutory and ethical requirements of being publicly funded....

The Site
Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL) is the site licence company responsible for the clean-up and demolition of Britain's former centre of fast reactor research and development....

The Site Licence Company
Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL) is the site licence company responsible for the closure programme at Britain's former centre of fast reactor research and development....

Trainee Safety Case Writer

Vacation Student Placements
(Engineering, Science, Business)...

Low Level Waste...

437 news items

Dounreay’s high street makeover
02 March 2017
A major upgrade and expansion of Dounreay’s Thurso town centre office has been completed.

Graduates offered chance to be part of Dounreay decommissioning
20 February 2017
Engineering, science and business graduates are being offered the chance to work on one of Europe’s most complex closure programmes.

Dounreay photos first on show at new national archive
16 February 2017
More than 320,000 items from Dounreay’s historic photo collection have been transferred to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s new national archive in time for its opening in Wick.

First cut out of reactor pond wall
16 February 2017
The first block of concrete has been removed from the structure of one of Dounreay's cooling ponds – representing a major first step in demolishing the redundant giant chamber. 

The search is on for top apprentices
23 January 2017
Dounreay has launched its latest search for new apprentices in Caithness – marking the 62nd year that young people will have kick-started their career at the site.

Dounreay contractor wins prestigious new award
11 November 2016

Appointments to the Dounreay Board
04 November 2016

Reactor shield rod first to be disposed of
24 October 2016
Dounreay’s Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) team is celebrating a milestone in the decommissioning process, by disposing of the first component to be lifted from the reactor when it shut down.

Japanese Ambassador visits Dounreay
30 September 2016
Dounreay recently hosted a visit of senior Japanese dignitaries on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Waste contract signals Dounreay’s community commitment
26 September 2016
Amec Foster Wheeler has been awarded a contract to design and build a new effluent treatment plant at Dounreay.

Dounreay apprentices: You're hired
09 September 2016
Dounreay has said “you’re hired” to ten local newcomers who have started their careers at Dounreay this week. This makes it the 61st consecutive year that apprentices have joined the site.

New camera provides clear images of bowels of reactor
22 August 2016
An off the shelf CCTV camera is providing crystal clear images from the depths of Dounreay's Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR).

First class experience for Dounreay's new graduates
10 August 2016
 Ten new graduates started their careers at Dounreay this week as the company’s graduate development programme entered its second year.

Dounreay gets the NaK
05 August 2016
The destruction of one of the highest hazards remaining in the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) estate has been completed at Dounreay.

Monumental move for reactor relic
30 June 2016
After sitting pride of place in the foyer of Dounreay’s Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) for almost fifty years, the commemorative granite stone table has found a new home.

PFR sticks to simple solutions
23 May 2016
The PFR reactor have become fairly well-known for their cost-effective use of general household items to solve decommissioning problems.

DFR clocks up thirteen years of safe working
16 February 2016
Staff at the Dounreay Fast Reactor (DFR) have achieved thirteen years without a lost time accident, or 4,748 days of safe working.

Annual Review predicts job growth for Dounreay area
09 February 2016
The Caithness and north Sutherland economy has made progress in its move away from reliance on Dounreay, according to an annual review published on Friday.

Over £1m handed out by Caithness & North Sutherland Fund
02 November 2015
The Caithness and North Sutherland Fund held its 4th Annual General Meeting on 30th October at Caithness Horizons.

Nuclear partners back sports complex bid
02 October 2015
The nuclear industry in Caithness is backing a group of local sports clubs formed to build on the legacy of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Lord Lieutenant salutes Dounreay on 60 years of apprentices
23 September 2015
The latest batch of Dounreay’s newly qualified skilled workers were encouraged to make the most of the exciting opportunities and challenges ahead.

Robots to rip out reactor core
23 September 2015
A range of unusual devices have been designed and built by Dounreay’s in-house design team over the years.

Dounreay celebrates apprentices diamond year
10 September 2015
This year Dounreay’s apprentices are the sixtieth batch in a long line of young people joining the site’s highly respected apprenticeship scheme since 1955.

Senior NDA management visit Dounreay
04 September 2015
High ranking NDA officials visited Dounreay and saw first-hand the work being carried out with the aim to become the European reference site for excellence in decommissioning.

Connect and innovate at the NDA Estate Supply Chain event
14 August 2015
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), in association with the Site Licence Companies (SLCs), invite you to ‘connect and innovate’ at their fifth annual event.

Dounreay announces new managing director designate
28 July 2015
DSRL have announced the new managing director designate, Phil Craig.

Supply chain encouraged to enter NDA Supply Chain Awards 2015
06 July 2015
Entries are now being invited for the prestigious NDA Estate Supply Chain Awards 2015 that recognise outstanding contributions to the nuclear clean-up mission.

PFR tank farm work restarts
02 July 2015
The Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) team have now received regulatory permission to restart operational work in the sodium tank farm.

Dounreay business opportunities outlined at nuclear supply chain event
11 June 2015
Dounreay's Head of Procurement, Ken Linn will be presenting the site's supplier requirements at a Nuclear Supply Chain event today in Dunblane.

DSRL appoints M+W Group as design consultant for Shaft & Silo
08 June 2015
DSRL has appointed M+W Group as the lead design and safety case consultant for Europe’s deepest nuclear decommissioning project.

Dounreay completes first phase of nuclear transports
28 May 2015
Dounreay has completed the transfer of 11 tonnes of nuclear material to Sellafield.

Businesses invited to submit entries for NDA awards
27 May 2015
Entries are now being invited for the prestigious NDA Estate Supply Chain Awards 2015 that recognise outstanding contributions to the nuclear clean-up mission.

Dounreay low level waste vaults begin to accept waste
19 May 2015
A major programme milestone has been achieved with the placement of the first low level waste disposed into the new Low Level Waste Facilities at Dounreay.

Planning guidance on Dounreay restoration published
11 May 2015
Planning guidance that paves the way for future decommissioning and restoration work at Dounreay has been adopted by the Highland Council.

NDA sets out Dounreay clean-up tasks
27 March 2015
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the public body that owns Dounreay and funds its clean up, has published its annual business plan, setting out key tasks for the site licence company DSRL to deliver in the next 12 months.

Dounreay knowledge to be housed in new nuclear archives
25 March 2015
Sixty years of knowledge from the UK’s fast reactor programme at Dounreay will be housed in the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s new nuclear archives to be built in Wick.

Supply chain encouraged to find innovative decommissioning solutions
27 February 2015
 “We want to work with you to develop innovative solutions for a range of challenging projects”, companies were told yesterday at Dounreay’s annual supply chain event.

Venue for Dounreay Suppliers Day now confirmed
24 December 2014
The venue for Dounreay’s Suppliers Day on January 8, 2015 has been confirmed as the Hilton Hotel at Manchester Airport.

Local companies contribute to new irradiated fuels facility
19 December 2014
 Inside a factory on the outskirts of Bristol, Britain’s newest facility for handling the country’s legacy of plutonium and uranium is being assembled for testing before it is transported for installation in the North of Scotland.

New beach vehicle features in latest issue of site newspaper
15 December 2014
The story of the new beach vehicle hunting out radioactive particles features in the Christmas issue of the site newspaper, Dounreay News.

New site closure plan for Dounreay
12 December 2014
Dounreay’s site closure plan now includes significant additional work as a result of national decisions on fuel and security.

Countdown underway to NDA supply chain event
20 October 2014
 With just three weeks to go, the countdown to Europe’s largest nuclear supply chain event is now under way.

PFR sodium fire
07 October 2014
At around 01:30hrs this morning there was a small fire in the PFR sodium tank farm.

Nuclear experts gather for NDA’s national risk conference
06 October 2014
What’s the difference between risk and hazard? What do we mean by a risk culture? And how can businesses build an understanding of risks and the potential cost consequences, into their planning at all levels of their operations?

NDA 2014 supply chain event - register now for last exhibition spaces
30 September 2014
Now the largest event of its kind in Europe, the aim of the day, at EventCity, Manchester, on November 6, is to provide greater visibility of contracting opportunities across the NDA’s 19 UK sites, through informal networking and access to senior figures from the decommissioning sector.

NDA supply chain event proving popular once more
18 September 2014
Almost 800 delegates have already signed up to attend the NDA estate’s 2014 event for suppliers in November – but there is still room for several hundred more visitors.

Dounreay increases apprentice intake
08 September 2014
This year Dounreay welcomes the recruitment of an additional two apprentices as part of its annual intake.

First nuclear analysis laboratory to be built using modular construction is handed over at Dounreay
26 August 2014
The first nuclear facility of its kind to be built using modular construction has been handed over and is now undergoing active commissioning at Dounreay.

NDA decommissioning supply chain event returns
24 July 2014
The NDA estate’s showcase event for suppliers is returning for a fourth year and is looking forward to welcoming even more visitors and exhibitors.

Government Minister visits Dounreay
04 July 2014
Dounreay’s enhanced security measures came under Government scrutiny last week during a visit by Baroness Verma, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Minister hails progress to dismantle Dounreay
26 June 2014
Great strides are being made at Dounreay to clear away Britain’s experiment with fast reactors, according to Government Minister Baroness Verma.

Completion of waste vaults is latest milestone in Cavendish Dounreay closure plan
15 May 2014
Cavendish Dounreay Partnership today marked the second anniversary of its contract to clean-up and demolish Dounreay by taking possession of two new facilities where much of the radioactive waste will be kept.

Dounreay revises site closure plans
08 May 2014
Two years into its major contract to complete the clean-up and shutdown of Dounreay, the consortium in charge of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd is now revising its programme of work to accommodate changes being made by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

NDA sets key tasks for 'role model' Dounreay
16 April 2014
Dounreay’s owners today set out their priorities for decommissioning in a three-year business plan approved by Ministers.

New civilian guard force to be created at Dounreay
15 April 2014
DSRL announced today that it will be creating a new civilian guard force at Dounreay.

Dounreay apprentice is voted Scotland’s best
27 March 2014
Dounreay’s Erin Thomson won Scottish Nuclear Apprentice of the Year at a night of glitz and glamour in Manchester last week.

Dounreay nuclear submarine test reactor fault
11 March 2014
On March 6, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced that low levels of radioactivity had been discovered in the cooling waters of the nuclear submarine test reactor at Dounreay.

Dounreay planning update gets green light from Council planners
04 March 2014
 Dounreay’s latest overview of planning requirements for the site’s decommissioning programme has been approved by planners.

Dounreay event highlights opportunities for supply chain
20 February 2014
Small and medium sized companies are being encouraged to bid for work opportunities at Dounreay.

Minister sees Dounreay decommissioning first hand
06 February 2014
Dounreay welcomed Fergus Ewing MSP, Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism to see the world leading decommissioning work taking place at the site.

Additional work may mean delay in Dounreay staff run-down
22 January 2014
Management at Dounreay are facing the challenge of how to accommodate additional work from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) whilst maintaining the same annual spend, the same Interim End State – and most importantly, the same priority on working safely and securely that the site is renowned for.

DFR hazard reduced
15 January 2014
To protect the most vulnerable section of the DFR reactor nitrogen gas blanket, a protective cage has been installed around the control system which is housed in the DFR airlock entrance.

Dounreay supercompactor prepares for re-start
10 December 2013
Dounreay’s low level waste drum crushing plant will soon be back in full working order.

NDA sets out Dounreay clean-up goals
03 December 2013
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the public body that owns Dounreay and funds its clean-up, today set out key milestones for the site over the next three years.

Dounreay camera innovation wins NDA award
03 December 2013
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority recognised the role played by a Wick-based manufacturer at Dounreay in its national awards for the UK supply chain.

Creative thinking helps reactor demolition
28 November 2013
Another pioneering in-house invention has allowed the PFR reactor dismantling team to complete one of the final phases of the reactor dismantling ready for final demolition.

Revised Dounreay Planning Framework out for consultation
15 November 2013
The Highland Council is looking for your views on the revised Dounreay Planning Framework (DPF), which is out for consultation until January 16, 2014.

NDA publishes revised guidelines on intellectual property
06 November 2013
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have issued revised guidelines on the way in which intellectual property will be treated.

Enhanced inspection to continue until hazards reduce further
05 November 2013
A report published today underlines how much work remains to be done at Dounreay before the site can be left in a safe condition for future generations.

Change of name for Dounreay Parent Body Organisation
25 October 2013
Dounreay’s parent body organisation – the consortium of international companies that owns and manages DSRL – is getting a new name.

Overseas opportunity for supply chain businesses
04 October 2013
Manufacturing businesses in the decommissioning supply chain are being invited to apply for up to £1 million of support that will help them compete for work in the global nuclear market.

Babcock Dounreay Partnership recognised in award ceremony
20 September 2013
The Babcock Dounreay Partnership (BDP) has won an award in this year’s Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) Highlands and Islands business awards.

Still time to register for top UK nuclear decommissioning event
16 September 2013
More than 700 delegates have now registered for this year’s prestigious NDA Estate Supply Chain Event 2013, which will be held at EventCity, Manchester, on 13 November.

Metal giants stripped out and sold
03 September 2013
Hoisting out giant pieces of redundant equipment is becoming second nature to the project teams working at PFR.

Reactor decommissioning demonstrates new approach to bulk waste disposal
21 August 2013
Dounreay’s highly active fuel examination cave is the first structure on site to be removed using the Babcock Dounreay Partnership’s bulk approach to waste disposal.

Dounreay spend with smaller contractors increasing
13 August 2013
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has published figures showing that levels of contract spending with smaller businesses is increasing across their sites.

Businesses invited to enter NDA supply chain awards
25 July 2013
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is now inviting businesses to enter the prestigious NDA Estate Supply Chain Awards 2013 which recognise outstanding contributions to the nuclear clean-up mission.

Strip out for Dounreay plant that Margaret Thatcher opened
12 July 2013
The late Margaret Thatcher would not recognise Dounreay’s fast reactor fuel reprocessing plant as the same facility that she formally opened in September 1979.

Wick Harbour to benefit from NDA funding
04 July 2013
 Dounreay today welcomed the news that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) will provide substantial funding to help Wick Harbour attract new jobs to the area.

DFR lead baths are hoisted out
21 June 2013
Three lead baths weighing between twenty-one and twenty-eight tonnes each have been hoisted out of the redundant Dounreay Fast Reactor.

Crane fix restarts plant clean up
31 May 2013
Lateral thinking to solve a crane breakdown has restarted decommissioning at Dounreay’s reprocessing plant.

Dounreay to host annual trade show
22 May 2013
Scotland’s biggest annual trade showcase of decommissioning expertise is to take place at Dounreay on June 6.

Dounreay wins international safety award
01 May 2013
Nuclear decommissioning company Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL) has won a prestigious international safety award with merit from one of the world’s leading health and safety organisations.

Bigger venue for 2013 supply chain event
01 May 2013
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's showcase event for the supply chain is moving to a bigger venue.

Nuclear industry learns Olympics lessons
03 April 2013
Staging the London Olympics required unprecedented levels of co-ordination and planning, with issues ranging from financial and project controls to construction and infrastructure as well as political and cultural sensitivities – plus much more.

Mark Rouse takes over at Dounreay
02 April 2013
Mark Rouse is the new managing director of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.

NDA publishes 2013-16 Business Plan
28 March 2013
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has today published its 2013-16 Business Plan which sets out its delivery priorities for the period as it continues to focus on accelerating hazard reduction across its 19-site estate.

NDA to remove remainder of fuel from Dounreay
21 February 2013
Closure of the Dounreay site moved another step nearer today when the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority announced its intention to remove the remainder of the nuclear fuel it inherited from the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

Prompt action smothers smoking waste crate
24 January 2013
Radioactive junk from the strip-out and dismantling of redundant plant at Dounreay is sent to a waste sorting facility where it is cut up and packed in drums for storage. This work takes place inside a containment cell using remotely-operated tools.

New Fire Arms Training Facility Drop-in Session
17 January 2013
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL), on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, are proposing to construct a new training facility for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary based at Dounreay.

NDA sets out supply chain opportunities
18 December 2012
More than 700 visitors from across the UK and beyond took advantage of face-to-face networking opportunities at the second supply chain event for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority estate.

Dounreay begins returning material to national fuel stocks
17 December 2012
Nuclear material left over from Dounreay's research work in the 20th century is being returned to national fuel stocks as part of the site's clean-up and closure.

NDA announces nuclear archive decision
13 December 2012
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has announced its decision to site the National Nuclear Archives in Caithness.

NDA sets out key activities for Dounreay
11 December 2012
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which owns Dounreay and funds its clean-up, has published its draft business plan, setting out its priorities for decommissioning during the next three years.

North Highland Regeneration Fund holds AGM
21 November 2012
The North Highland Regeneration Fund (NHRF) held its Annual General Meeting on Friday 9th November 2012.

Dounreay wins safety and environmental awards for second time
15 October 2012
DSRL has been awarded the British Safety Council’s Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour for the second time.

Latest performance figures reported for August 2012
02 October 2012
The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

NDA announces awards for supply chain
24 September 2012
Businesses in the decommissioning supply chain are being invited to submit entries for a prestigious new award that recognises their contribution to the nuclear clean-up mission.

Dounreay invites companies to register interest in Europe's deepest nuclear clean-up
13 September 2012
DSRL will be holding supply chain briefings for Europe’s deepest nuclear clean-up, ahead of an application for permission to start construction work in 2013.

Support for smaller businesses in supply chain
12 September 2012
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is forming a national steering group to provide additional focus and support for small and medium size enterprises in the supply chain.

Plans take shape for Europe's deepest nuclear clean-up
07 September 2012
Plans for Europe’s deepest nuclear clean-up are to go on public display ahead of an application for permission to start construction work in 2013.

Dounreay publishes performance figures for July 2012
06 September 2012
The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

Foreign waste is collected from Dounreay
04 September 2012
Foreign reactor operators who sent their spent fuel to Dounreay in the 1990s for reprocessing have begun taking back their waste.

Leaflet describes material leaving Dounreay
03 September 2012
Dounreay has published an updated version of its information leaflet Radioactive Materials at Dounreay.

Offshore clean-up completes 90 hectares of seabed
03 September 2012
Another 299 particles were recovered from the seabed off Dounreay this summer during the latest phase of offshore clean-up.

DFR commissions new plant
29 August 2012
Safe destruction of the highly hazardous liquid metal left over from the UK’s first fast reactor experiment is a crucial part of the site decommissioning programme.

DSRL to attend nuclear decommissioning supply chain event
16 August 2012
DSRL staff are to play a key part in a major forthcoming nuclear decommissioning supply chain event.

NDA examines health of supply chain
09 August 2012
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is carrying out a study to re-evaluate the decommissioning supply chain and establish whether any revisions to its strategy are needed.

Dounreay wins prestigious safety and environment awards
20 July 2012
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL) has won important awards from one of the world’s foremost health and safety organisations for the second year running.

Competition drives down cost of Dounreay closure
05 July 2012
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority says significant acceleration in the clean-up and shutdown of Dounreay will bring real value to the taxpayer who funds the work.

Dounreay strengthens enterprise team
04 July 2012
Dounreay's June Love is being seconded to Highlands and Islands Enterprise to support its efforts to regenerate the economy of the area.

Dounreay's latest performance figures reported
29 June 2012
The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

Dounreay less important to north economy, report reveals
27 June 2012
The economy in the north of Scotland is now less dependent on Dounreay, a new report published today has found.

Safer clean-up for workers wearing airfed suits
14 June 2012
Two new developments are making it safer for workers taking apart some of the most hazardous facilities at Dounreay.

Dounreay set for trade event
08 June 2012
Scotland’s biggest annual trade showcase of decommissioning expertise is to take place at Dounreay on June 14.

New film reveals Dounreay's natural beauty
07 June 2012
It’s a side of Dounreay rarely seen by the outside world - otters, stoats and rare breeding birds living cheek by jowl with Britain’s biggest nuclear clean-up project.

Dounreay reports dose reductions at international conference
07 June 2012
Dounreay has reported a reduction in average exposure to radiation while increasing the pace of work to dismantle high-hazard facilities.

Dounreay shares clean-up knowledge with Japan
06 June 2012
Dounreay’s experience of cleaning up and decommissioning is being shared with Japan where the country's nuclear industry faces challenges on a much bigger scale.

Sodium tank decommissioning highlighted in site newspaper
01 June 2012
Dounreay’s site newspaper this month focuses on the decommissioning of the third and final ‘dirty dump’ tank to be removed from the Prototype Fast Reactor.

Work starts on new lab to complete site clean-up
31 May 2012
Britain’s newest laboratory for the analysis of radioactive materials is under construction.

Top safety award for Dounreay
30 May 2012
Dounreay has picked up one of Britain’s top awards for workplace safety.

Exotic fuels - NDA publishes feedback on options
24 May 2012
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has published its response to eight organisations and five individuals who commented on the options for managing the remainder of its "exotic" fuels at Dounreay.

Dounreay lets £4.3m contract for waste disposal plant
22 May 2012
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has awarded a £4.3 million contract to design and build a plant for the disposal of low-level radioactive waste from the clean-up and demolition of the site.

Site alert to be tested today
21 May 2012
Dounreay's site alert will be tested at 5pm today as part of ongoing efforts to fix a suspected electrical fault in the system.

NDA sees savings in integrated waste approach
14 May 2012
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority believes the cost of managing radioactive waste from its sites could be reduced by billions of pounds through a more strategic approach.

New team shares shutdown plan with supply chain
14 May 2012
Dounreay’s new executive team outlined its approach to site closure at a briefing session for contractors and sub-contractors.

Latest performance figures reported for Dounreay
03 May 2012
The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

Dounreay cuts electricity use by 3 per cent
19 April 2012
Dounreay reduced its electricity consumption by almost three per cent last year but still used up enough energy during its decommissioning to supply a small town of 8000 people.

Dounreay announces destruction of major hazard
06 April 2012
Dounreay today completed the destruction of one of the most hazardous legacies of Britain’s earliest atomic research.

Latest performance figures reported for February 2012
05 April 2012
The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

Gone by 2025 - new clean-up team sets out vision for site closure
02 April 2012
Senior figures from government and industry are gathering at Dounreay today to hear the site’s new clean-up team set out their vision to accelerate the demolition of Britain’s second largest civil nuclear site.

NDA business plan sets out goals for Dounreay clean-up
02 April 2012
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today publishes its business plan for 2012/13, setting out key clean-up goals for sites such as Dounreay to achieve.

Babcock consortium acquires site licence company
01 April 2012
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd is under new ownership from today.

Another gap appears in Fuel Cycle Area
27 March 2012
Another gap has opened up in the skyline of Dounreay with the demolition of the latest redundant facility.

Work begins on railhead to support site closure
20 March 2012
Construction work is underway on a new railhead to support the closure of the redundant nuclear site at Dounreay.

Scottish Government rules on waste substitution
16 March 2012
Scottish Government today announced the outcome of consultation on the return of radioactive waste to countries that sent their nuclear fuel to Dounreay in the 1990s for reprocessing.

Dounreay fuels - closing date for comments is March 23
16 March 2012
March 23 is the closing date for the submission of views to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority about options for managing its stock of nuclear fuel at Dounreay.

New police firearms range is planned
08 March 2012
Members of the public are being invited to find out more about a new police firearms training facility for Civil Nuclear Constabulary officers stationed at Dounreay.

Dounreay's latest performance figures published for January 2012
02 March 2012
 The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

Dounreay backs science campaign in schools
16 February 2012
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has agreed a three-year funding package to support the promotion of science and engineering in local schools.

DFR clean-up's a dirty job
14 February 2012
The decommissioning teams taking apart Dounreay’s famous dome are reducing the hazard every minute of every day.

NDA invites bursary applications
02 February 2012
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which owns Dounreay and funds its site closure programme, is offering a bursary up to £500,000 to encourage university research projects that can contribute to its clean-up mission.

Public consultation for new Dounreay waste disposal facility
31 January 2012
SEPA has announced its intention to hold a public consultation on the proposed solid low level radioactive waste disposal facility at Dounreay.

Latest performance figures reported for December 2011
27 January 2012
 The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

Major hazard reduces to final few batches
10 January 2012
Dounreay is within touching distance of completing one of Britain’s most important nuclear clean-up tasks.

NDA examines options for higher activity waste
23 December 2011
A new report examines how the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority can better integrate the management of higher activity waste from the clean-up of its sites in the UK, including Dounreay.

Electrical fault suspected in overnight smoke alert
17 December 2011
An electrical fault is believed to be the cause of an overnight alert within the Prototype Fast Reactor complex at Dounreay.

Dounreay reactor achieves seven years of safety
15 December 2011
The team cleaning up the prototype fast reactor (PFR) have notched up seven years of safety.

Latest performance figures published for November
14 December 2011
 The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

NDA issues draft business plan for 2012/13
13 December 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has published its draft 2012/13 business plan for consultation.

Demolition work returns to normal
09 December 2011
Decommissioning work is returning to normal after severe weather caused disruption yesterday and overnight.

Helping companies access the clean-up market
02 December 2011
Dounreay site closure contractor DSRL is working with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to help more small and medium size companies access the clean-up market.

Latest performance figures published for October
01 December 2011
The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

PM's praise for Dounreay workforce
28 November 2011
Prime Minister David Cameron has praised workers at Dounreay for going beyond the call of duty to protect themselves and the environment from harm.

Work begins to bury Dounreay experiment
25 November 2011
Work is underway to bury the radioactive remains of Britain’s experiment with fast reactors at Dounreay.

Demolition brings £4m windfall for local community
25 November 2011
Dounreay’s demolition today yields a £1 million windfall for the north Highlands.

Babcock Dounreay Partnership is preferred bidder for DSRL
23 November 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today named Babcock Dounreay Partnership as its preferred bidder to acquire Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.

NDA to begin returning fuel to UK stocks
21 November 2011
Almost half the stock of nuclear fuel left over at Dounreay from its research role in the last century is to begin leaving the site next summer.

Robot power will take apart Dounreay’s dome
15 November 2011
Like something out of the Tom Cruise movie War of the Worlds, the Kuka robot has a very important job to do.

Dounreay worker survey boosts Poppy Appeal
11 November 2011
Dounreay workers have helped swell the Poppy Appeal fund by £1,000 by answering questions about their futures.

Leak proves the value of award-winning safety standards
09 November 2011
The British Safety Council has named Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd one of the country’s top companies for its standards of environmental management.

Latest performance figures published for September
08 November 2011
The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

Dounreay passes the test for nuclear training standards
04 November 2011
Dounreay’s in-housing training service has itself gained a new qualification – and praise from the UK Government Minister in charge of building up Britain’s nuclear skills base.

NHS looks to nuclear industry for safety lessons
27 October 2011
NHS bosses are looking at Dounreay’s improving safety record to see what lessons can be learned to make hospitals safer for patients.

Nuclear clean-up boost for Highland economy
25 October 2011
A new community body launched in the north Highlands signals another step towards the closure of the former nuclear research site at Dounreay.

Dounreay wins prestigious safety award for second time
21 October 2011
Dounreay’s clean-up contractor has won the ‘Sword of Honour’ international safety award from the British Safety Council for the second time.

Dounreay to attend first ever industry supply chain event
10 October 2011
DSRL staff are to play a key part in a major forthcoming nuclear decommissioning supply chain event.

'Decommissioning Dounreay' supplement published
10 October 2011
 North of Scotland Newspapers have published their annual supplement focusing on the decommissioning work being carried out at Dounreay.

Minor leak from pipework at reactor
08 October 2011
 During routine operation of the plant destroying the liquid metal coolant in the Dounreay Fast Reactor (DFR), drips of caustic liquor from pipework in a shielded cell were detected by the monitoring systems. The plant was immediately shut down and the leak isolated and stopped. There was no release of radioactivity to the environment and no harm to the workers.

Workers get a glimpse of life after Dounreay
05 October 2011
Workers shutting down Scotland's biggest nuclear site are getting a chance to learn more about new industry that could provide them with jobs in the future.

Supporting smaller businesses in nuclear clean-up
05 October 2011
A collaborative drive is under way to shape proposals for increasing the access of smaller businesses to the £1.36 billion spent each year with the supply chain across the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority estate.

Dounreay sets out what will stay and what will go
15 September 2011
Dounreay’s decommissioning contractor today sets out what will happen to an estimated 300,000 tonnes of radioactive  material from the clean-out and closure of the former nuclear research site.

Apprentices encouraged to seize future Caithness investment prospects
30 August 2011
The latest batch of Dounreay’s newly qualified skilled workers were encouraged to make the most of the exciting opportunities and challenges ahead.

NDA issues guidance on storage of higher activity waste
30 August 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has issued national guidance about the storage of higher activity wastes at its sites, including Dounreay.

Sharing nuclear technology across the UK
24 August 2011
A Dounreay health physicist recently completed a trip to the Magnox Bradwell nuclear power station in Essex.

June performance report issued
10 August 2011
The latest edition of Dounreay's monthly performance report has been published.

Opening up the nuclear market for companies
04 August 2011
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd is working with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Scotland's enterprise network to make it easier for companies to win work in the nuclear marketplace.

Dounreay alerts market to grout plant contract
29 July 2011
A notice published today in the Official Journal of the European Union seeks expressions of interest from companies capable of building a plant to grout low-level radioactive waste prior to its disposal at Dounreay.

DSRL wins prestigious safety and environment awards
28 July 2011
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL) has won two important awards from one of the world’s foremost health and safety organisations.

Site reports clean-up progress to community reps
20 July 2011
Dounreay clean-up contractor DSRL today reported to the local community on its performance during the first quarter of 2011/12.

£20m 'Swiss army knife' will harvest nuclear material
19 July 2011
It’s been dubbed the most sophisticated Swiss army knife ever built.

Major hazard shrinks 20 million becquerels a second
11 July 2011
“Significant progress” has been made to destroy one of the most hazardous legacies of Britain’s nuclear research programme from the 20th century, according to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

'Compelling' case to move breeder to Sellafield - NDA
08 July 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today published a report setting out credible options for managing the breeder material from the Dounreay Fast Reactor.

Dounreay pledges £700,000 to help economy adjust
08 July 2011
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has allocated almost £700,000 this year for projects to help the economy of Caithness and North Sutherland adjust to site closure.

July's Dounreay News now on-line
07 July 2011
July's Dounreay News is now available to read on-line.

Safety record passes 12-month milestone
06 July 2011
It is now more than a year since anyone decommissioning the nuclear site at Dounreay suffered an injury that kept them off work for more than three days.

New flask signals reactor clean-up progress
05 July 2011
Vital testing equipment to be used for the removal of the highly hazardous material from within the Dounreay Fast Reactor has been delivered, marking further progress for the shutdown of the site.

Bang Goes the Theory at Dounreay
30 June 2011
How radioactive waste is dealt with at Dounreay is set to feature in a prime-time TV programme about radiation and nuclear energy.

Scottish Affairs Committee visit Dounreay
24 June 2011
The Scottish Affairs Committee toured Dounreay yesterday on its visit to Caithness and the northern isles in connection with its inquiries into the Crown Estate and health and safety in Scotland.

NDA to seek views on removal of fuel from Dounreay
16 June 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is to publish a report about the proposed removal of its nuclear fuel from Dounreay and wants to hear the views of the public.

Dounreay reactors safety record continues
10 June 2011
Earlier this month Dounreay's two former electricity generating plants - now being demolished - knocked up a combined total of thirteen years without a lost time accident.

New NDA boss for Dounreay shutdown
03 June 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has announced the appointment of a new head of programme for Dounreay.

Dounreay shares decommissioning expertise with international colleagues
02 June 2011
Two of DSRL's project managers have recently spent time overseas sharing knowledge with colleagues from around the world working with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

NDA invests £1.1m in new jobs initiative
01 June 2011
A new initiative to support economic development in the north Highlands is being helped with £1.1 million from the organisation in charge of the closure of Dounreay.

Plan now for a future without Dounreay, companies urged
24 May 2011
Companies supplying the clean-up and closure of the nuclear site at Dounreay are being urged to think now about the prospects for their staff when the nuclear industry has left Caithness.

Dounreay clean-up bodies in jobs pledge
23 May 2011
The nuclear industry in Caithness today announced a charter to improve the employment prospects of workers whose jobs currently depend on decommissioning Dounreay.

£9m clean-up lab planned for Dounreay
19 May 2011
A new laboratory is to be built at Dounreay to provide essential support to the remainder of the site clean-up.

Knowledge sharing helps site shutdown progress
18 May 2011
Leading the way in worldwide nuclear decommissioning means the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and DSRL can share knowledge and expertise with other sites across the NDA estate around Britain.

Injury rates down 10-fold as DSRL gets top safety award
10 May 2011
Accidents during the clean-out and demolition of Britain’s former centre of fast reactor research are at their lowest level since records began.

Dounreay to host Scotland's leading trade show
03 May 2011
More than 40 companies have signed up so far for Scotland's biggest annual showcase of nuclear decommissioning expertise at Dounreay this month.

Robots cleaning windows
02 May 2011
Although still using a bog standard ‘chamois’ and a bit of elbow grease, this is far from your normal day to day window cleaning job.

Jillian takes Dounreay clean-up experience to Chernobyl
21 April 2011
Dounreay’s Jillian Bundy has returned from a three-day visit to Ukraine where she joined other international experts at a workshop on training to decommission the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Giant tanks installed for reactor dismantling
13 April 2011
Installation of two new twenty-seven tonne nitrogen tanks for the Dounreay Fast Reactor breeder building marks another notable step forward in preparation for taking apart the redundant reactor.

Safety record earns £27,500 pay-out for good causes
07 April 2011
Dounreay’s safety record over the last 12 months earned local charities and good causes a £27,500 windfall.

NDA sets out Dounreay clean-up priorities
31 March 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today published its annual business plan, setting out the clean-up priorities at sites such as Dounreay over the next 12 months and beyond.

Dounreay responds to Japan aid request
31 March 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is making available radiological measurement and protection equipment from its sites in the UK, including Dounreay, to assist the Japanese authorities at Fukushima.

New vaults signal start of waste clearance
24 March 2011
The clearance of tens of thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste from the redundant nuclear site at Dounreay today moved a step closer.

New environment baseline published
23 March 2011
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has published an updated “site specific baseline” in support of a strategic environmental assessment carried out by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Nuclear shutdown cash boost for school skills
22 March 2011
Cash from the closure of the fast reactor site at Dounreay is set to breed a new generation of engineers and scientists in the Scottish Highlands.

Clean-up reveals 6000 years of human history
22 March 2011
Getting rid of Britain’s 20th century experiment with fast breeder nuclear reactors is illuminating the history of human settlement on Scotland’s north coast stretching back 6000 years.

New strategy sets out clean-up priorities
22 March 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has published its strategy for cleaning up the nuclear legacy at sites such as Dounreay.

New report lists radioactive wastes at Dounreay
22 March 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has published the latest edition of the UK’s radioactive waste inventory.

Business group gets £2.2m for Dounreay shutdown plan
02 March 2011
Workers and businesses who depend on Dounreay are set to benefit from a £2.2 million programme to help them adjust to the closure of the site.

Dounreay rubble recycling makes concrete savings
17 February 2011
A project reusing clean waste concrete from Dounreay’s decommissioning work by turning it into hardcore and aggregate has produced 38,000 tonnes of recycled material.

Waste to be managed near site, near surface - policy
24 January 2011
The Scottish Government has announced its policy on how higher activity radioactive wastes will be managed in future.

Another building begins to come down
21 January 2011
A demolition team has started to dismantle the latest redundant building to be pulled down at Dounreay.

Offshore clean-up on YouTube
20 January 2011
A major effort to clean up the seabed near the redundant nuclear site at Dounreay is captured in a new film on YouTube.

DSRL names preferred bidder for LLW contract
13 January 2011
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has selected Graham Construction as its preferred bidder for the design and build of a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility.

£2m closure plan for site landfill
12 January 2011
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd wants to restore an area of land designated as a rubble dump during the construction and operation phases of the site.

Oil and gas award goes to Dounreay safety reps
10 January 2011
Safety reps in Britain’s offshore oil and gas industry say a close working relationship with their counterparts in nuclear decommissioning at Dounreay has helped to improve safety in two of Britain’s most hazardous industries.

Sphere repaint under review
24 December 2010
The redundant reactor inside the sphere is a major chemical and radiological hazard.

Dounreay ploughs keep the roads open
22 December 2010
Snow plough drivers from Dounreay have worked round the clock to keep open one of Britain’s most exposed stretches of main road during the severe weather.

Experts get ready to open liquid metal vaults
21 December 2010
Experts are getting to look inside a concrete vault used to store liquid metal from the cooling system of the Dounreay Fast Reactor.

Performance figures for November published
20 December 2010
 Dounreay's performance report for November has been published.

Dounreay updates site closure plan
16 December 2010
Dounreay’s site closure programme is changing shape as the site falls into line with a cap on funding and prepares for the appointment of a new parent body organisation for the site licence company.

Reactor safety record continues
14 December 2010
The PFR decommissioning team has reached six years without a lost time accident, which equates to approximately two million man hours.

Historic huts go
08 December 2010
Erected at Dounreay in the mid nineteen-sixties, (when the Beatles were in their hey-day), to house the team that built PFR, the cluster of office buildings known as DN023 have now been demolished.

Uranium plant comes apart
06 December 2010
Fifty years ago it was a cornerstone of British research with highly-enriched uranium.

Government consults on Dounreay waste substitution
03 December 2010
The Scottish and UK governments today opened a public consultation on the return of waste to customers of the former UK Atomic Energy Authority fuels business at Dounreay.

NDA sets out clean-up goals for Dounreay
02 December 2010
Dounreay’s owners today published for consultation their 2011/12 business plan, which includes a summary of key decommissioning tasks to be completed next year.

New seabed machine cleans up 429 fuel fragments
11 November 2010
The latest phase of offshore clean-up recovered 429 fragments from the seabed off Dounreay during August, September and October.

Dounreay site newspaper for November online
03 November 2010
The November issue of the site newspaper, Dounreay News, has now been published and is also available online.

French regulators turn to Auld Alliance for decommissioning help
01 November 2010
Four experts from the Autorité de Sureté Nucleaire, the French nuclear safety inspectorate, spent a day at Dounreay discussing the decommissioning of alkali metal cooled fast reactors.

Casualty star treads the boards for safety at Dounreay
29 October 2010
Casualty star Ronnie McCann is helping workers at Dounreay stay out of real-life accident and emergency units.

Archaeologists search LLW disposal site
28 October 2010
Archaeologists are surveying fields next to Dounreay prior to their development as a site for the disposal of low-active waste from its decommissioning.

Dounreay boss welcomes funding announcement
20 October 2010
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd today welcomed an announcement about how much public money will be available to continue nuclear clean-up in the UK.

DFR clean-up going to plan
06 October 2010
A decommissioning team is well on its way to emptying the water-filled ponds used historically to store spent fuel from the Dounreay Fast Reactor.

DSRL welcomes £2m boost for Scrabster Harbour
05 October 2010
 DSRL's managing director Simon Middlemas today welcomed the Government’s announcement of £2m NDA socio economic funding for the development of Scrabster Harbour.

Newspaper showcase for site closure work
28 September 2010
Britain's biggest nuclear site closure project is showcased in a 32-page, full-colour newspaper published today.

Secretary of State visits Dounreay
24 September 2010
Michael Moore, Secretary of State for Scotland in the UK Government, today visited Dounreay to see how the nation’s experiment with fast breeder reactors is being dismantled.

Exercise to test 999 services
21 September 2010
An exercise is being held in Inverness on Wednesday, September 22, to test how the 999 services would respond to an accident at Dounreay.

Dounreay adopts charter for supply chain
20 September 2010
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd is among the companies operating on NDA sites to adopt a new charter designed to improve working relationships throughout the supply chain.

Five firms short-listed for major construction contract
17 September 2010
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has short-listed five companies to compete for a contract to design and build a disposal facility for low-level radioactive waste from the decommissioning of Britain’s fast reactor experiment.

Dounreay sets out what will be kept when site has gone
16 September 2010
Dounreay’s clean-up and closure contractor today sets out how it will leave in place a cultural legacy of Britain’s 20th century experiment with fast breeder nuclear reactors when the site itself has been flattened.

Dounreay joins UK review of waste management
13 September 2010
Dounreay’s clean-up company is taking part in a UK initiative that aims to standardise the way Britain’s most hazardous radioactive wastes are looked after in future.

Apprentices can thrive in new offshore boom
03 September 2010
A new generation of workers emerging from the shutdown of Dounreay can become the backbone of Scotland’s biggest offshore development since the discovery of oil in the North Sea over 40 years ago.

NDA publishes strategy for consultation
01 September 2010
The public body responsible for the clean-up and closure of Dounreay today publishes its draft strategy for consultation.

New site closure plan begins to take shape
27 August 2010
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd is updating its workforce this week about the changing shape of the site closure plan and efforts to bring new industry to the area.

Bulldozers get ready for Craig More House
26 August 2010
A demolition team is preparing to move into Craig More House at Dounreay.

Metal destruction rate powers ahead
25 August 2010
One of the most important decommissioning projects at Dounreay has chalked up one of its most impressive monthly performances.

Dounreay clean-up moves offshore and up a gear
06 August 2010
Dounreay’s site closure programme is moving offshore and up a gear to recover more radioactive waste from the seabed.

Heritage strategy to be published next month
06 August 2010
Britain’s first heritage strategy for a nuclear site is set to be published next month.

Shutdown plan includes help for workers and business
05 August 2010
A new report sets out how Dounreay’s clean-up contractor is helping staff and local businesses adjust to site closure.

Work begins to dismantle uranium line
04 August 2010
Work is underway to dismantle the next area of a chemical plant that played a key role in the recycling of nuclear fuel at Dounreay.

Directors sought for £4m community fund
30 July 2010
Members of the public are being invited to serve as board members of a new community fund from Dounreay worth £4 million.

Dounreay rubble to be recycled in site remediation
20 July 2010
Almost a million tonnes of rubble from the demolition of Dounreay is set to be turned into hardcore and used in the remediation of the former nuclear research site.

Dounreay hosts world-wide conference
12 July 2010
During the spring bank holiday weekend a dedicated team of Dounreay’s decommissioning experts played host to members of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).

Nuclear spanners just the job for steam railway
28 June 2010
 A box of huge imperial ‘flogging’ spanners, found in the Prototype Fast Reactor's turbine hall, are starting a new life with a Highland steam railway.

DFR hazard destruction ahead of schedule
25 June 2010
Safe destruction of over 20,000 litres of the liquid metal left over from the UK’s first fast reactor experiment is a milestone several weeks ahead of schedule that the Dounreay Fast Reactor decommissioning team can be very proud of.

Crane removal captured on film
21 June 2010
 The removal of a building crane in one of Dounreay’s redundant facilities has been captured on film.

NDA publishes environment baseline report
15 June 2010
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has published site specific baselines for its sites, including Dounreay, as part of its strategic environmental assessment.

Two consortia announced in Dounreay competition
15 June 2010
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has announced two consortia that will proceed to the next stage of competition for a parent body organisation for Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.

New clean-up contracts will reduce cost to NDA
10 June 2010
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has awarded contracts worth in excess of £12 million to three companies to provide skilled staff for the next phase of dismantling the site.

Redundant uranium plant is broken up
08 June 2010
A chemical plant built 20 years ago to process fuel from Germany’s high temperature reactor programme is the latest piece of Dounreay to be scrapped and turned into radioactive waste.

Toxic hazard levels are dropping fast
07 June 2010
The Dounreay plant that destroys the largest single hazard left over from the fast reactor experiment is working full throttle and has destroyed the equivalent of approximately 19,000 litre bottles of the liquid metal.

Dounreay workers could dismantle ageing rigs
04 June 2010
The potential of tidal energy and the prospect of the world’s biggest underwater power station being built in the Pentland Firth has been in the headlines. But it’s not the only potential area of new employment for Dounreay workers that the site is supporting.

Fire brigade extinguishes sodium outbreak
28 May 2010
At 0040hrs today, a fire alarm sounded inside the Prototype Fast Reactor complex. One person who was in the building at the time immediately evacuated the area.

Dounreay recycles clean waste from nuclear clean-up
27 May 2010
 A site which once recycled spent nuclear fuel is now committed to recycling the clean waste produced by its decommissioning programme.

Dounreay hosts technology trade show
27 May 2010
Some of Britain's leading suppliers of technology to the nuclear industry are at Dounreay today for the site's annual trade exhibition.

Dounreay hands over old fuel contracts
26 May 2010
International Nuclear Services has taken over formal management responsibility from Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd for the site's overseas reprocessing contracts, on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

New films focus on waste shaft
21 May 2010
Two new films have been released about an underground shaft used for the disposal of intermediate level waste at Dounreay more than 30 years ago.

Reduction of Dounreay’s historic legacies continues
13 May 2010
Dounreay's Prototype Fast Reactor was the second and last fast reactor to be built in the UK. It operated for twenty years until 1994 and had the dual role of providing power to the national grid and offering unique research and development facilities.

Dounreay to host trade show for suppliers
11 May 2010
More than 40 suppliers to the UK nuclear industry will be taking part in a trade exhibition at Dounreay on May 27.

Dounreay demolition running at 100 sq ft every day
07 May 2010
Dounreay is being demolished at a rate of 100 sq. ft. every day, new figures reveal.

Dounreay clean up company scoops international safety award
04 May 2010
Nuclear decommissioning company Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL) has won a prestigious international safety award from one of the world’s leading health and safety organisations for the second year running.

Crane replacement timelapse video goes live
04 May 2010
A DFR decommissioning team led by Mark Aitken has successfully installed a new 55 tonne crane into the breeder removal building adjacent to DFR.

Film goes underground at Dounreay
22 April 2010
A £500,000 project to lay a new pipeline for radioactive effluent from the decommissioning of Dounreay is the subject of a new film.

DFR pond dismantling steps up a gear
21 April 2010
As the decommissioning of Dounreay’s dome continues apace the legacies from the past are being stripped out of the redundant facility.

Sofa so good for reactor inspection
08 April 2010
If you were probing the depths of a redundant nuclear reactor with a remotely controlled device resembling a hedgehog that toppled over when cornering, what would you do?

Workers hit the jackpot for charity
07 April 2010
Almost 200 community projects in the north of Scotland landed a cash windfall thanks to the safety record of workers at Dounreay.

NDA sets out clean-up priorities for Dounreay
01 April 2010
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s annual business plan, published today, sets out the key activities it expects to see carried out at Dounreay over the next 12 months.

Tenders sought for new waste disposal site
31 March 2010
Companies are being invited to express interest in tendering for the design and construction of a disposal facility for low-level radioactive waste from the decommissioning of Dounreay and adjacent Vulcan facility.

Dounreay skills can harness power of the sea
31 March 2010
Skills built up in Britain’s most successful nuclear decommissioning project can power Scotland’s new era in electricity from the sea, industrialists in Aberdeen heard today.

DSRL continues to reduce in size
27 March 2010
DSRL is updating staff, trade unions and key stakeholders about the latest forecasts for continued planned reductions in its workforce as more of the site is decommissioned.

Getting into shape for £150m programme
11 March 2010
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd this week updated staff and local community leaders about the shape of its decommissioning programme following January’s announcement about how much funding will be available in future.

Heritage plan moves a step closer
10 March 2010
A heritage strategy for one of the UK's most important nuclear sites of the 20th century has moved a step closer.

Dounreay workers achieve a year without 'lost time accident'
02 March 2010
Dounreay’s workforce has notched up a staggering 3.76 million man hours without an industrial work-related personal injury that results in more than three days off work.

Looking inside the Dounreay prototype fast reactor
25 February 2010
DSRL’s specialist in-house design team have designed some ingenious inventions over the years.

Heritage workshop hailed a success
17 February 2010
A heritage workshop was held in Edinburgh in January as part of  Dounreay's engagement programme to gather views on its draft Heritage Strategy.

Removal of building crane important step in demolition
11 February 2010
A building crane in one of Dounreay’s shut-down facilities became a waste package itself when a much larger crane reached in through the roof and lifted it off its rails.

Coolant destruction is 4000 times cleaner than expected
04 February 2010
Emissions from a plant built to destroy one of Britain’s biggest environmental hazards have been up to 4000 times cleaner than its designers expected.

Top apprentice Greg in national finals
04 February 2010
One of the youngest apprentices ever recruited at Dounreay is promising to become one of its brightest sparks.

DSRL welcomes assurance on funding
26 January 2010
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd today welcomed an announcement by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority about funding for the site beyond 2011.

Subsea robot dives into nuclear clean-up
20 January 2010
 A robotic arm used in underwater environments in the oil and gas industry will be helping Dounreay workers clean out radioactive cells.

Government consults on nuclear waste policy
19 January 2010
Decommissioning Dounreay generates a variety of different wastes that need to be managed carefully to protect the public and environment from harm. Some of this waste is radioactive.

'Daunting' clean-up project completes on time
14 January 2010
 A seven year project to clean up the dirtiest area of Dounreay’s uranium conversion plant has been successfully completed on time.

New report sets clean-up goals for 2010
07 January 2010
A new report sets out the key tasks that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority expects to be completed at Dounreay in the coming year.

No let-up for holidays in hazard reduction at Dounreay
06 January 2010
There was no let-up during Christmas and New Year in the drive to rid Dounreay of two of its most hazardous legacies.

Fire engine's last call is to museum
23 December 2009
Dounreay’s specialist fire engine has been called out for the last time - to head for a new life in a museum for historic vehicles.

Dounreay submits new proposal for lower discharges
22 December 2009
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has presented estimates of how much radioactivity it expects to dispose of during the remainder of the site clean-up and closure programme.

Reactor teams reach 12 years accident-free
21 December 2009
As the hazardous decommissioning work rapidly progresses within its redundant nuclear reactors, maintaining a flawless safety record is an achievement the Dounreay fast reactor demolition squads can be proud of.

Photos uncovered of Duke of Edinburgh at Dounreay
17 December 2009
Forgotten photographs have emerged of a visit by the Duke of Edinburgh to Dounreay during its construction in October 1957.

Flask goes as full-scale decommissioning of plant begins
16 December 2009
 The team cleaning out the fast reactor reprocessing plant in Dounreay’s fuel cycle area lined up to say goodbye to the last of the 'Punit' flasks as it made its final journey.

Dounreay newspapers scoop NDA awards
15 December 2009
Dounreay has won two awards in a competition to find the best examples of keeping people informed across Britain’s nuclear clean-up industry.

Building comes down as waste pits waterproofed
14 December 2009
 Another building comes down as preliminary work to decommission Dounreay's historic waste pits gets underway.

Youngsters debate future of sphere in heritage consultation
10 December 2009
Young people in Caithness are being encouraged to have their say on which aspects of the Dounreay former nuclear research facility should be preserved for posterity.

Building clean out detects historic nuclear material
03 December 2009
 As Dounreay’s decommissioning progresses, tiny amounts of fissile material caught up in nooks and crannies of inaccessible pipework and equipment are being identified.

NDA chief sees toxic hazard disappear
01 December 2009
The new man in charge of Britain’s nuclear clean-up has seen one of the country’s biggest hazards being destroyed at Dounreay.

Dounreay to become UK's first nuclear heritage project
23 November 2009
Within a few years, much of the experimental nuclear site at Dounreay will disappear from the landscape.

World's deepest clean-up job wins fourth top award
20 November 2009
The world's deepest nuclear clean-up job has won another top award for engineering excellence.

New report assesses public dose from Dounreay
19 November 2009
A new report provides an independent assessment of the levels of radioactivity that members of the public are exposed to near Dounreay.

Dirty cell clean up goes through the roof
18 November 2009
The x-ray cell in one of Dounreay’s redundant fuel cycle facilities has been stripped out, earning the decommissioning team a performance-based incentive.

Cameras penetrate underground nuclear waste store
16 November 2009
Two remotely-operated cameras have sent back video and photos of the intermediate-level radioactive waste stored in Dounreay’s wet silo.

Fast breeder was Britain's 'man on the moon moment'
09 November 2009
It was Britain’s man-on-the-moon moment, when a decade of scientific and engineering breakthroughs culminated in the most advanced nuclear plant in the world.

Archive film of Dounreay released on internet
05 November 2009
Historic film of the construction of Britain’s experimental fast breeder reactor at Dounreay can now be viewed on the internet.

New on-line photo library reveals Queen Mother inside DFR
02 November 2009
A unique photographic record of the Queen Mother at the cutting edge of Britain’s quest for nuclear energy 50 years ago has been published for the first time.

DSRL moves into private sector with Babcock
02 November 2009
Ownership of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has moved from the public sector to the private sector.

September performance report published online
27 October 2009
DSRL's most recent monthly performance report has been published.

Residents advised of reduction in accident hazard
26 October 2009
People living near Dounreay are being advised of changes to the arrangements in place for dealing with an emergency.

Dounreay fast reactor old stack to be scrapped
23 October 2009
 Another relic of Dounreay’s past is about to be consigned to history.

Top engineering award for shaft clean-up project
20 October 2009
Dounreay’s multi award-winning shaft clean-up project has earned yet another top engineering award.

Dounreay publishes latest socio economic plan
20 October 2009

Dounreay wins Sword of Honour safety award
15 October 2009
Dounreay’s clean-up contractor has won the highest international safety award from the British Safety Council.

Closure of foreign fuel contracts
11 October 2009
Dounreay entered into contracts in the early 1990s with overseas customers to recycle their spent fuel. This work ceased following a breakdown in one of the chemical plants in 1996.

Reactor decommissioning film goes live
01 October 2009
A new film has been produced showing the decommissioning progress within the redundant Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR).

Camera team to probe underground waste
29 September 2009
A decommissioning team is getting ready to look inside an underground bunker where intermediate-level radioactive waste has lain submerged in water for almost 40 years.

Dounreay is platform for Scots clean-up expertise
29 September 2009
Scottish companies are marketing their expertise in nuclear decommissioning to delegates from seven countries that are in Scotland to learn how the country is dismantling its nuclear heritage.

'Decommissioning Dounreay' now on-line
29 September 2009
Scotland’s biggest nuclear decommissioning project is featured in a 32-page colour newspaper being distributed widely across the Northern Highlands.

Tests underway to retrieve underground waste
24 September 2009
One of the most demanding clean-up jobs ever undertaken in the history of nuclear energy is gathering pace.

Tell us what you think
24 September 2009
DSRL today launches a short survey for its website users.

NDA launches competition for Dounreay
22 September 2009
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has launched its competition for the ownership of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.

DSRL's owners to be acquired by Babcock
18 September 2009
It was announced today that Babcock International Group PLC, the engineering support services company, is to acquire UKAEA Ltd, the parent company of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.

Dounreay publishes off-site contamination report
17 September 2009
Dounreay today publishes the findings of its investigation into the discovery of a radioactive particle in land adjacent to the licensed site.

UK Minister sees first screening of new clean-up film
07 September 2009
UK Government Minister Lord Hunt today visited the site of Scotland’s most successful nuclear clean-up project and watched the first screening of a film about its clean-out and demolition.

Lord Hunt sees major hazard being destroyed
07 September 2009
The Minister in charge of Britain’s nuclear clean-up today stepped inside one of the biggest projects in his brief.

Dounreay delivers £6m in savings to NDA
07 September 2009
The performance of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd during its first year of operation is highlighted in the newly-published annual report and accounts of its parent body, UKAEA.

Cillit Bang cleans up old plutonium plant
24 August 2009
Nuclear sites across Britain are showing interest in the discovery by workers at Dounreay that one of the country’s best-selling household cleaners removes plutonium stains more effectively than many industrial clean-up products.

Monster tank lifted from redundant reactor
19 August 2009
Imagine hoisting a twenty-six tonne cylinder as deep as a diving pool from the depths of a former nuclear power plant.

Survey detects contamination on proposed waste disposal site
19 August 2009
Two small areas of radioactive contamination have been detected during a survey of grazing land adjacent to the former nuclear research site at Dounreay.

Safety audit earns Dounreay top award
06 August 2009
An independent audit of health and safety at Dounreay has placed the site in the highest category of good practice.

Free poster shows clean-up progress under NDA
05 August 2009
Fifty-two buildings flattened, an area of the site equivalent to three football pitches razed to the ground, no nuclear accidents and a five-fold reduction in injuries . . .

Royal seal for Dounreay's place in Highland history
03 August 2009
Prince Charles has set the royal seal of approval on a £4 million project that secures the story of Dounreay in the history of the Highlands.

NDA: criticality cell clean-up a real triumph
30 July 2009
The successful clean up and demolition of Dounreay’s plutonium criticality laboratory has been highlighted as a case study in the Nuclear Decommissioning Agency’s (NDA) annual report for 2008/09.

Hockey stick lifted from former reactor
23 July 2009
Looming high into the roof voids of the former Prototype Fast Reactor steam generating building stood a gigantic metal hockey stick shaped structure.

DSRL publishes its first Annual Report
23 July 2009
DSRL has today published its Annual Report and Accounts for 2008/9 – the first since becoming a site licence company on 1 April 2008.

IAEA showcase for public participation at Dounreay
16 July 2009
Dounreay’s approach to involving stakeholders in decisions about the clean-up and closure of the site is featured in a new publication from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Safety awards celebrate Dounreay successes
09 July 2009
“A credit to the site” is how Dounreay director Simon Middlemas described the winners and runners-up in the annual safety, health and environment awards.

Dounreay’s largest hazard removal cranks up a gear
23 June 2009
Dounreay is well on its way to destroying the largest single hazard left over from the fast reactor research and development programme.

New film captures clean-up progress
17 June 2009
A new film about decommissioning Dounreay gets its first public screening today at a national stakeholder event in Manchester run by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Hazardous work increases as incident rate falls
16 June 2009
The acceleration of decommissioning at Dounreay is reflected in new statistics showing how much more of the site is being penetrated by clean-up teams.

Sphere pond surveyed
04 June 2009
The remnants of the past are gradually being stripped out of Dounreay’s dome.

Trade show promotes nuclear clean-up
21 May 2009
Businesses in Britain’s £70bn nuclear clean-up market were urged today to seize the opportunity of decommissioning Dounreay to become world leaders in the field.

Eight-ton fans will drive fuel plants clean-up
20 May 2009
Like a giant Meccano set, some 1500 parts are being fitted together to create a new ventilation system that will protect workers decommissioning some of Dounreay’s most hazardous facilities.

Green light for waste plans
13 May 2009
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has received planning consent for two of the biggest construction projects needed to complete the site clean-up.

Reactorsaurus to pull apart Dounreay plant
05 May 2009
In order to pull out the innards of the redundant reactor which once fed power into the national grid, DSRL’s design engineers have had to come up with some pretty ingenious inventions since the reactor was switched off.

Safety record earns charity windfall
23 April 2009
Dounreay’s industrial safety record during the last 12 months earned a £22,500 windfall for good causes locally.

Drop testing uses new off-site facility
07 April 2009
Dropping a large three metre stainless steel container from a great height might seem like a bizarre concept, but it’s all in a days work for the PFR project team.

Dounreay wins top safety award
06 April 2009
Dounreay has scooped a prestigious international award from one of the world’s leading health and safety training, advisory and audit bodies.

February site performance report out today
01 April 2009
The site clean-up performance report for February 2009 has now been published.

Household glass cleaner helps decommissioners clean up
01 April 2009
Another legacy of Dounreay’s commercial venture into nuclear reprocessing has been safely cleaned up and taken apart.

Hundred firms show interest in major projects
26 March 2009
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd today held talks with almost 100 companies interested in building three new plants needed to complete the decommissioning of the site.

Ground work begins for shaft clean-out
24 March 2009
Work is underway on the next phase of a major clean-up project unique in the history of the nuclear industry.

Heritage agency in talks with site
20 March 2009
Officials from Dounreay and Historic Scotland met today for talks about a heritage strategy for the site.

Site publishes contaminated land strategy
18 March 2009
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd today published its strategy for dealing with contaminated land as part of the site closure programme.

Concern about castle condition
18 March 2009
Consulting engineers Cruden Associates are carrying out a structural survey of the 16th century Dounreay Castle.

New stacks change the skyline at Dounreay
18 March 2009
Dounreay’s skyline changed once again on Friday 13 March when the twin stacks of the new FCA ventilation system rose into the sky.

Shaft clean-up hailed by more award judges
16 March 2009
Dounreay’s award-winning shaft clean-up project has earned more industry plaudits.

Caithness scoops national industry skills awards
13 March 2009
To view video footage of interviews with the winners of the awards click on the following link:

Lorries carry Dounreay away every 20 minutes
11 March 2009
Lorries laden with spoil are leaving Dounreay every 20 minutes as the site gears up for the next big phase of its decommissioning.

Plutonium cell reduced to rubble
10 March 2009
A stump of concrete and steel is all that remains standing of one Britain's most historic nuclear research facilities from the 1950s.

Sphere hazard removal gets green light
06 March 2009
Dounreay is another step closer to destroying one of the largest single hazards left over from the fast reactor research and development programme.

New stacks set to rise above Dounreay
27 February 2009
Dounreay’s skyline is set to change again when two new ventilation stacks – each the size of a jet airliner’s fuselage – are moved into position.

Dounreay seeks interest from supply chain in major new construction work
26 February 2009
Dounreay is holding a special event for contractors with an interest in three major new construction projects.

Skyline change at Dounreay as facility is demolished
25 February 2009
Dounreay's skyline is set to change as another important facility is turned to rubble.

Reactor camera photographs lava-like residue
25 February 2009
Another ground-breaking device is leading the way with decommissioning Dounreay’s Prototype Fast Reactor.

New report lists R & D opportunities
05 February 2009
A new report lists more than 100 opportunities for research and development to support the decommissioning of the site.

IAEA delegates visit Dounreay clean-up
26 January 2009
Delegates from 12 countries are visiting Dounreay this week as part of an initiative by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Council approves £110m waste plan for Dounreay
13 January 2009
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd today welcomed local authority planning approval for a £110m investment in new facilities for managing low-level radioactive waste.

Emergency planning zone shrinks to 1.15km
08 January 2009
Dounreay’s detailed emergency planning zone is being reduced from 5km to 1.15km.

Revealed - the 1950s plutonium experiment behind latest clean-up success
07 January 2009
The fascinating story behind one of Dounreay's most remarkable decommissioning projects is revealed today.

Public asked to rank attributes for waste review
06 January 2009
Dounreay is inviting organisations and members of the public to help it decide how certain types of waste from decommissioning should be managed in future.

Shaft clean-up nominated for top award
16 December 2008
A ground-breaking project to recover nuclear waste from a shaft beneath Dounreay is in the running for a top award.

'Great achievement' says director as first fuel pond is cleaned out
15 December 2008
 Dounreay workers have completed the clean up of the first of Dounreay’s fuel ponds. As well as being a first for Dounreay, it is also the first pond at a Scottish nuclear facility to be decommissioned, and one of the first in the UK

Fast reactors light up nation's museum
12 December 2008
It featured on a postage stamp, is used by media worldwide to illustrate nuclear power and even was replicated in the shape of cigarette lighters.

NDA competition for site licence company
08 December 2008
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today announced its timetable for competing the ownership of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.

December issue of Dounreay News now published
03 December 2008
The December issue of the site's magazine, Dounreay News, has now been published.  This month its a bumper 16-page edition.

October's site performance report is out now
03 December 2008
The site's performance report for October has been published.

Dounreay recognised for work with young people
28 November 2008
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has earned national recognition for helping young people in the north Highlands realise their full potential.

Preserving Dounreay's heritage attracts media interest
20 November 2008
 Heritage officer James Gunn is getting used to being in the limelight.

Training move opens up new business opportunities
12 November 2008
Dounreay’s training and development team has become the first of its potential spin-out businesses to move off the site.

Largest lab comes apart
13 October 2008
Over a quarter of the laboratories in Dounreay’s Fuel Cycle Area, which provided support to the whole of the site, have now been taken apart. 

Countdown to demolition for plutonium criticality laboratory
09 October 2008
The last ventilation fan has been turned off for the final time in what was once Dounreay’s dirtiest building.

Clean-up featured in 32-page colour tabloid
01 October 2008
More than 100 images of decommissioning work at Dounreay are featured in a 32-page, full-colour supplement published by North of Scotland Newspapers.

Drillers clear way for robots to begin fuel cells clean-up
01 October 2008
Workers are drilling through the concrete that surrounds Dounreay’s uranium fuel reprocessing plant to let demolition robots move inside and begin dismantling it.

DSRL signs £13m contract with BNS Nuclear Services
29 September 2008
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has signed a contract with BNS Nuclear Services for maintenance and operations in support of decommissioning the site’s two fast reactors.

Jobs joy for 100 on major ventilation contract
11 September 2008
A hundred people have found work on the largest manufacturing job ever undertaken in the Highlands for Dounreay.

Dounreay reviews options for all wastes
10 September 2008
Dounreay is carrying out a review of how it manages all types of waste arising from the site closure programme.

Dounreay publishes 08/09 socio-economic plan
04 September 2008
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has published its socio-economic development plan for 2008/09, setting out the actions it is taking to manage the impact of site closure.

Site closure performance report published
03 September 2008
Dounreay's monthly performance report, setting out progress during July to decommission the site together with safety and environmental measures, has been published.

Seabed particle clean-up underway
26 August 2008
A new phase in the clean-up of Dounreay is underway with the start of underwater operations to demonstrate the use of remote equipment to remove particles from the seabed.

Dounreay's 1000th apprentice earns his "ticket"
25 August 2008
The 1000th young person to be taken on as an apprentice at Dounreay was among 15 newly-qualified workers who received their certificates at their site’s annual prize-giving.

Demolition of "atomic factory" broadcast via Internet
21 August 2008
>Demolition of Scotland’s “atomic factory” is now being broadcast on the Internet.

Challenge our ways of working, supply chain urged
20 August 2008
Dounreay’s supply chain has been urged to challenge established ways of working and come up with more innovative ways to decommission the site for less cost to the taxpayer.

Milestone in hazard reduction as liquid metal is destroyed
18 August 2008
A clean-up team has safely destroyed the first of the major hazards from the experimental fast reactor programme at Dounreay.

Companies invited to suppliers day
06 August 2008
Dozens of companies have signed up for a suppliers day event being held by Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.

Scottish Minister steps inside country's biggest nuclear clean-up
16 July 2008
Scottish Government Minister Richard Lochhead today visited Dounreay to see for himself how waste from the shutdown and clean-up of Scotland’s biggest nuclear site is being managed.

£50m plant will take breeder from fast reactor
15 July 2008
One of the biggest engineering jobs at Dounreay is nearing completion.

Charities benefit from Dounreay's safety awards
10 July 2008
Charities benefited to the tune of £2,000 from this year’s Dounreay Director’s Safety, Health and Environment awards.

Next steps to decommission Dounreay's Shaft
07 July 2008
Dounreay’s shaft isolation project is nearing completion so what happens next on one of the world’s biggest decommissioning projects?

2025 vision of Dounreay's waste is published
01 July 2008
Dounreay today paints the most vivid picture yet of how the site will look once decommissioning is complete in 2025.

Public meeting on low-level waste disposal plan
30 June 2008
Dounreay is inviting the public to attend a drop-in meeting to discuss its proposed low-level waste disposal facilities on Tuesday July 1 between 7pm and 9pm in Reay Village Hall.

French TV spotlight on site clean-up
30 June 2008
Dounreay’s clean-up and demolition is to feature in a 90-minute programme being made for broadcast on French and German television.

Old reprocessing plant is broken up
13 June 2008
A decommissioning team is getting ready to begin breaking up the former research reactor fuel reprocessing plant at Dounreay.

Clean-up companies descend on Dounreay for trade show
06 June 2008
Dounreay has hosted the UK’s premier trade show for engineering equipment and services to the nuclear decommissioning industry.

Boreholes to test hydraulic isolation of shaft
05 June 2008
Another 21 boreholes have been drilled around the underground waste shaft at Dounreay.

Overhead travelling crane modernised to help clean up
04 June 2008
 The 25 ton electric overhead travelling crane serving the Dounreay materials test reactor support building recently had a complete overhaul and update. This involved lifting the body of the crane out through the roof of the building. 

Clean-up contract goes to BNS Nuclear Services
29 May 2008
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd today announced its preferred bidder for a contract worth in the region of £13 million to support its decommissioning of the site’s two fast reactors.

Staff learn about skills and training opportunities
28 May 2008
Union reps, college lecturers and training staff came together at Dounreay to promote opportunities for workers to learn new skills and develop different careers.

Dounreay restarts LLW disposal planning application
23 May 2008
Dounreay Site Restoration Limited has requested Highland Council to restart the planning application process to build facilities for the disposal of low level radioactive waste from decommissioning the site.

Historical water tank demolished
16 May 2008
Dounreay’s decommissioning team has knocked down one of the oldest structures on the site. 

Dounreay to issue new performance report
15 May 2008
A new monthly performance report is to be published by Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd.

De-cladding operations a success
05 May 2008
Workers using remote technology are successfully dealing with the irradiated ‘breeder’ fuel elements from the Dounreay Fast Reactor.

Works gets underway to develop strategy for site heritage
01 May 2008
Preserving the story of 50 years of research and development and the decommissioning challenges faced will be an important part of Caithness heritage for future generations.

Change at the top
22 April 2008
The site welcomes James Biggs who will take over responsibility for delivering essential site services to support the decommissioning programme. 

Safer site earns £20k dividend for charity
18 April 2008
Dounreay’s improving safety performance has landed local charities a £20,000 windfall.

Plutonium clean-up enters final stages
17 April 2008
Work has started on the penultimate phase of cleaning out an old plutonium test cell that many people thought could never be decommissioned safely.

NDA confirms site funding
17 April 2008
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has received confirmation from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority of its funding arrangements for 2008/09.

NDA bosses see major hazard being destroyed
16 April 2008
The two men in charge of Britain's nuclear clean-up programme have seen how one of their biggest hazards is being destroyed at Dounreay.

Dounreay staff learn from American experience
15 April 2008
Staff from Dounreay travelled to the USA to learn from the decommissioning and regeneration experiences of American nuclear decommissioning.

Safety milestone for waste team
02 April 2008
Dounreay's waste services unit has clocked up a remarkable two years without a lost-time accident.

New identity for site
01 April 2008
A new brand identity has been developed for Dounreay as part of its transition to a site licence company.

Technical media visit Dounreay
01 April 2008
A group of journalists with a special interest in nuclear decommissioning has visited Dounreay to see at first hand progress being made to clean up and demolish the experimental site.

DSRL becomes site licence company
01 April 2008
The management and contractual arrangements for delivery of the site clean-up programme at Dounreay change today.

Breakthroughs in Hazard Reduction
28 March 2008
UKAEA is on course to hand over the clean-up of Dounreay to a subsidiary company on April 1 on the back of significant progress during March to reduce the major hazards at the site.

Camera watches sodium drain from reactor
19 March 2008
Dounreay’s Prototype Fast Reactor has now been drained of all 1500 tonnes of liquid metal that once flowed through its primary and secondary circuits.

Gone in 90 seconds
30 January 2008
It's already been cut from 100 years to 25 years. Now, the timescale for cleaning up and knocking down Dounreay has been accelerated to just 90 seconds in a new video showing how the site will look when decommissioning is complete.

Local firm awarded major contract
17 January 2008
Local engineering firm JGC Engineering & Technical Services Ltd has been awarded a major contract vital to the environment and decommissioning of the Dounreay site.

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