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NDA News
The latest news from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)....

Nuclear Material
Dounreay’s purpose was to research and develop more efficient ways to generate electricity from uranium and plutonium....

What are particles?...

An important part of the work to close down Dounreay is to address the legacy of radioactive particles in the marine environment around the site. These are fragments of irradiated nuclear fuel discharged to sea as a result of historic practices in reprocessing....

Radioactive Waste
What is radioactive waste?...

Site Closure
Our objective in decommissioning Dounreay is to close down the site and leave it in a safe condition for future generations....

The Site
Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL) is the site licence company responsible for the clean-up and demolition of Britain's former centre of fast reactor research and development....

Low Level Waste...

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Dounreay gets the NaK
05 August 2016
The destruction of one of the highest hazards remaining in the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) estate has been completed at Dounreay.

Dounreay completes first phase of nuclear transports
28 May 2015
Dounreay has completed the transfer of 11 tonnes of nuclear material to Sellafield.

Local companies contribute to new irradiated fuels facility
19 December 2014
 Inside a factory on the outskirts of Bristol, Britain’s newest facility for handling the country’s legacy of plutonium and uranium is being assembled for testing before it is transported for installation in the North of Scotland.

Completion of waste vaults is latest milestone in Cavendish Dounreay closure plan
15 May 2014
Cavendish Dounreay Partnership today marked the second anniversary of its contract to clean-up and demolish Dounreay by taking possession of two new facilities where much of the radioactive waste will be kept.

Strip out for Dounreay plant that Margaret Thatcher opened
12 July 2013
The late Margaret Thatcher would not recognise Dounreay’s fast reactor fuel reprocessing plant as the same facility that she formally opened in September 1979.

Fuel and waste transport leaflet is updated
08 March 2013
Dounreay has updated an information leaflet that explains the difference between nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, and how each is being managed as part of the closure of the site.

NDA to remove remainder of fuel from Dounreay
21 February 2013
Closure of the Dounreay site moved another step nearer today when the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority announced its intention to remove the remainder of the nuclear fuel it inherited from the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

Foreign waste is collected from Dounreay
04 September 2012
Foreign reactor operators who sent their spent fuel to Dounreay in the 1990s for reprocessing have begun taking back their waste.

Leaflet describes material leaving Dounreay
03 September 2012
Dounreay has published an updated version of its information leaflet Radioactive Materials at Dounreay.

Particle recovery work resumes offshore
29 May 2012
Land and Marine has resumed its search of the seabed near Dounreay for "significant" fragments of nuclear fuel.

Exotic fuels - NDA publishes feedback on options
24 May 2012
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has published its response to eight organisations and five individuals who commented on the options for managing the remainder of its "exotic" fuels at Dounreay.

Clean-up set to resume offshore
01 May 2012
Work to clean up and close down the redundant nuclear site at Dounreay moves offshore again this month.

Work begins on railhead to support site closure
20 March 2012
Construction work is underway on a new railhead to support the closure of the redundant nuclear site at Dounreay.

Scottish Government rules on waste substitution
16 March 2012
Scottish Government today announced the outcome of consultation on the return of radioactive waste to countries that sent their nuclear fuel to Dounreay in the 1990s for reprocessing.

Dounreay fuels - closing date for comments is March 23
16 March 2012
March 23 is the closing date for the submission of views to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority about options for managing its stock of nuclear fuel at Dounreay.

DSRL informs SEPA of potentially significant particle find
20 February 2012
Dounreay clean-up contractor DSRL has informed the Scottish Environment Protection Agency of additional tests being carried out on a particle recovered during routine monitoring of a beach near the redundant nuclear site.

Demolition team moves into D1200
11 January 2012
A demolition team has moved in to begin dismantling another part of the former Fuel Cycle Area at Dounreay.

NDA to begin returning fuel to UK stocks
21 November 2011
Almost half the stock of nuclear fuel left over at Dounreay from its research role in the last century is to begin leaving the site next summer.

DSRL suspends haulier
18 November 2011
DSRL suspended a haulage company from its list of approved contractors following the arrest of one of its drivers for driving while banned.

Dounreay sets out what will stay and what will go
15 September 2011
Dounreay’s decommissioning contractor today sets out what will happen to an estimated 300,000 tonnes of radioactive  material from the clean-out and closure of the former nuclear research site.

Underwater search yields another 351 particles
06 July 2011
A nine-week operation has recovered more than 350 particles of irradiated nuclear fuel from the seabed near Dounreay.

NDA to seek views on removal of fuel from Dounreay
16 June 2011
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is to publish a report about the proposed removal of its nuclear fuel from Dounreay and wants to hear the views of the public.

Dounreay shares decommissioning expertise with international colleagues
02 June 2011
Two of DSRL's project managers have recently spent time overseas sharing knowledge with colleagues from around the world working with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Particle clean-up resumes offshore
01 June 2011
Work has resumed on the seabed off Dounreay to remove higher activity fragments of irradiated nuclear fuel.

Offshore clean-up to resume
26 April 2011
Work to clean up Dounreay moves offshore next month when contractor Land and Marine returns to the seabed in the latest search for fragments of spent nuclear fuel.

Offshore clean-up on YouTube
20 January 2011
A major effort to clean up the seabed near the redundant nuclear site at Dounreay is captured in a new film on YouTube.

Government consults on Dounreay waste substitution
03 December 2010
The Scottish and UK governments today opened a public consultation on the return of waste to customers of the former UK Atomic Energy Authority fuels business at Dounreay.

Offshore clean-up recovers more than 270 fragments
30 September 2010
More than 270 fragments of nuclear fuel have been recovered from the seabed since the latest phase of offshore clean-up got underway at the start of August.

Dounreay clean-up moves offshore and up a gear
06 August 2010
Dounreay’s site closure programme is moving offshore and up a gear to recover more radioactive waste from the seabed.

Work begins to dismantle uranium line
04 August 2010
Work is underway to dismantle the next area of a chemical plant that played a key role in the recycling of nuclear fuel at Dounreay.

Bigger clean-up machine heads for Dounreay seabed
19 July 2010
The next phase of work to remove particles from the seabed at Dounreay will get underway later this month.

Plutonium facility clean-up captured on film
29 June 2010
A legacy of Dounreay’s commercial venture into nuclear reprocessing has been consigned to history.

Dounreay recycles clean waste from nuclear clean-up
27 May 2010
 A site which once recycled spent nuclear fuel is now committed to recycling the clean waste produced by its decommissioning programme.

New report sets clean-up goals for 2010
07 January 2010
A new report sets out the key tasks that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority expects to be completed at Dounreay in the coming year.

Photos uncovered of Duke of Edinburgh at Dounreay
17 December 2009
Forgotten photographs have emerged of a visit by the Duke of Edinburgh to Dounreay during its construction in October 1957.

Dounreay delivers 6m in savings to NDA
07 September 2009
The performance of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd during its first year of operation is highlighted in the newly-published annual report and accounts of its parent body, UKAEA.

Clean-up removes 29 "significant" particles from seabed
19 August 2009
More than a hundred fragments of spent nuclear fuel were removed from the seabed in the latest phase of work to clean up and shut down the former nuclear research site at Dounreay.

Eight-ton fans will drive fuel plants clean-up
20 May 2009
Like a giant Meccano set, some 1500 parts are being fitted together to create a new ventilation system that will protect workers decommissioning some of Dounreay’s most hazardous facilities.

Particle clean-up trials successful
04 April 2008
Remotely-operated equipment designed to recover radioactive particles from the seabed has been demonstrated successfully offshore at Dounreay.

Camera watches sodium drain from reactor
19 March 2008
Dounreay’s Prototype Fast Reactor has now been drained of all 1500 tonnes of liquid metal that once flowed through its primary and secondary circuits.

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